1. He apéro #chillancehorizontale

  2. B4 (at home)

  3. Pray roses// the lights Never came up

  4. thedeathofcool:

    Chambre avec vues by Sean Tully

    oh merde elle est grave!


  5. theancientriot said: Yeah cool blog. Nice to find someone else posting surf vids!

    THANKS mate ! 

    Here http://sincerlyrvpa.tumblr.com/

    friend and me posting some vids/pics/ audios ! It’s cool

  6. #1 Part - MOROCCO x COSC from Davidshots on Vimeo.

    Some funky crazy surf in Morocco by the surfers from the COSC!
    Enjoy, get fun!
    Location: Sidi Ifni
    SURFERS: Maelle Manouvrier/Maeva Manouvrier/Mathilde Aubry/Lucas Sourgen/Valentino Belloni/Ludovic Decaup/David Tirel/Nathanaël Dieu/Rémy Belloc
    SONGS: The Vaccines “Good guys don’t wear white” / Wavves “King of the Beach”
    Film: Nath/Rémy
    Edit: David Tirel

  8. Banana ending from Davidshots on Vimeo.

    last days of december 2012 
    The Pandoras - I want him -
    John Leyton - Johnny Remember me -

  10. Just posted a GIF (Taken with GifBoom)